Well-being, right at your feet.

Reach your 10,000 steps a day in an easy way, thanks to our patented technology.

eveia wellness coach is designed for everyone and it fits easily into your daily life. It helps you burn calories while working from home, reading a book, watching TV or spending quality time with your family.

Your life would be amazing with eveia.

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Fabrique en France
Made in France
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Driving School Manager
As a driving school manager, I spend more than 12 hours a day sitting. I didn't have time to exercise or reach my 10,000 steps a day. I am glad eveia found the solution for me.


Freelance Designer
My behavior at work has changed dramatically when I started using eveia: Now I am much more focused on my work and I feel calm and relaxed. Thanks to eveia.


I no longer have the leg and back pain which I used to have before I started using eveia. Now my legs are constantly moving, and when I stand up after pedaling I feel better i.e I feel the benefits of the blood circulation in my legs. It really feels good because it is helping me get rid of my sedentary lifestyle.

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Scientifically proven effectiveness

Pedal your way and burn your calories

Increase your calories burn rate from 38% to 300% by using eveia-premier. Burn 150 calories per hour while you are sitting. Isn't it incredible? This is the power of eveia.

More well-being, less stress

Reduce stress, anxiety, and the sensation of heavy legs. With eveia, you will never feel like you used to. There's no going back !

Pedal to refresh your mind

As is with any physical activity you do, pedalling with eveia provides more oxygen to your brain and improves your mood by secreting the happy hormones - endorphin and dopamine. It also improves your concentration and memory. It's worth the try.

Visualize and track your well-being

Simply follow your efforts. Keep track of your steps and measure the calories lost. Visualize your success and be proud of yourself.

Motivate yourself, challenge yourself

Take part in an individual or group challenges. Pedal for a just cause or simply pedal the distance of Paris Roubaix. It is always easier to move your body with a goal in mind.

Are you connected ?
We are

eveia – premier shares the information about the number of steps taken during each activity with your Apple or Android health app, as well as with your Fitbit. We assure you that eveia-premier will help you reach your 10,000 steps.

Visualisez le bien-être retrouvé

Suivez vos efforts simplement. Comptabilisez vos pas et mesurez les calories perdues. Visualisez votre réussite et soyez fier de vous.

Motivez-vous, challengez-vous

Participez à des challenges individuels ou collectifs. Pédalez pour une cause juste ou faites simplement l'équivalent d'un Paris-Roubaix en nombre de pas. Parce qu'il est bien plus facile d'avancer avec un objectif.

Motivez-vous, challengez-vous

Eveia renvoie le nombre de pas généré par chaque activité sur votre app santé Apple et Android, mais aussi sur votre Fitbit. Attention aux yeux, votre nombre de pas ne sera plus jamais le même.

Pedal in a group

Select a specific distance or time, invite your friends and family to pedal together. Spread the well-being.
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Repairability index

eveia - premier est un appareil durable. A l'intérieur comme à l'extérieur, les matériaux sont résistants et recyclables. Toutes les pièces peuvent être changées facilement.

Medical device

eveia - premier is a medical device. It is developed as per the best quality and traceability standards. Its pedal movement is patented – the flywheel takes care of your joints.

Technical Specs


Designed to not disturb you while you are working




Use it at home, in the office, anywhere you want.


4.2 Ble


It does not need to be plugged into a power outlet.

Available on all the platforms

Data security

Your health data is protected by the most secure server


Put your feet on it and voila you are on the move !


Conçu pour ne pas vous perturber pendant que vous travaillez




Utilisez-le à la maison, au bureau, où vous le souhaitez


4.2 Ble


Ne nécessite aucune prise électrique pour fonctionner. 

Disponible sur toutes les plateformes


Serveur sécurisé pour les données de santé

Roue d'inertie

Posez vos pieds dessus, bougez, vous oublierez sa présence

100% Made in France

A product designed as per the needs of the users, with carefully selected materials, made and assembled in France. Our quality service providers come from medical and aeronautical fields.

Your style, your colors

All you have to do is choose.

Well-being and fun at workplace

Offer wellness coach to your employees. Enhance the productivity of your team. Unite the teams. Treat yourself to eveia.
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