A team that is well in their mind and their body

Motivates them to move while working, improve their team building skills, improve their well-being, stimulate their minds and improve their cognitive productivity and focus. All this, at the same time, thanks to eveia.

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Made in France

Focus or creative mode

Are you in your focus mode? eveia helps you stay focused. Are you in your creative mode? eveia stimulates your mind to think out-of-the-box.

Adopt the right posture

Pedal effortlessly and spontaneously throughout the day. eveia - premier has been conceived and well-thought out by ergonomists and designers. A natural movement, tested and approved by our users.

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eveia at the office

Our wellness coach accompanies you everywhere, while doing your desk job or in a meeting, thanks to its ergonomic handle.

eveia at home

eveia adapts to all types of offices. Your employees who work at home can also benefit from their new wellness coach at home.

Visualisez le bien-être retrouvé

Suivez vos efforts simplement. Comptabilisez vos pas et mesurez les calories perdues. Visualisez votre réussite et soyez fier de vous.

Motivez-vous, challengez-vous

Participez à des challenges individuels ou collectifs. Pédalez pour une cause juste ou faites simplement l'équivalent d'un Paris-Roubaix en nombre de pas. Parce qu'il est bien plus facile d'avancer avec un objectif.

Motivez-vous, challengez-vous

Eveia renvoie le nombre de pas généré par chaque activité sur votre app santé Apple et Android, mais aussi sur votre Fitbit. Attention aux yeux, votre nombre de pas ne sera plus jamais le même.

Promote teamwork at workplace

eveia, a source of well-being, motivate your employees towards physical activity by creating collaborative or solidarity challenges, and engage them through topics that are important to you and your team.

Visualize their efforts and reward them.

The collective spirit

Let’s go further together.

In the office or working from home, make well-being a collective goal.
Collaborative challenge
2,000,000 steps


Office Manager
Earlier, organizing collective physical activity sessions were difficult. eveia simplified my life by providing well-being accessible to all, all the time.


My sedentary lifestyle was exacerbated by the pandemic, my CSR team introduced me to this desk cycle. After trying it I can assure you that it’s worth it. As compare to the treadmill, this deskcycle is very easy to use while sitting.


HR/QVT Manager
As a specialist in human resources and QWL, I am keen to offer solutions to welcome employees in a comfortable working environment. eveia improves their sitting posture, has health benefits, and engages teams with its application.

Amazing customer care

An Account Manager supports you from the start of your journey with eveia. You won't be alone, because at eveia, we always play it collectively.


Conçu pour ne pas vous perturber pendant que vous travaillez




Utilisez-le à la maison, au bureau, où vous le souhaitez


4.2 Ble


Ne nécessite aucune prise électrique pour fonctionner. 

Disponible sur toutes les plateformes


Serveur sécurisé pour les données de santé

Roue d'inertie

Posez vos pieds dessus, bougez, vous oublierez sa présence

Manage your eveia fleet simply

Allocate and manage your eveia thanks to a simple and automatic back-end office.

Security, our priority

Since its creation, eveia has endeavored to design a highly efficient, robust and secure system. It is in compliance with the GPDR and has secure health servers.

Well-being and fun in the company

Offer well-being to your employees. Stimulate the creativity of the whole company. Unite the teams. Treat yourself to eveia.
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